I want to thank Woody Jenkins, with Central City News, for the opportunity to introduce myself during the Ronald Reagan luncheon. It was September 8th 2020, at Café Americain in Baton Rouge. Attached is a link below. It is a public Facebook link, that was aired live. My time starts at the 1:25:20 mark. Mr. Jenkins gets credit for this video.



               Please take a moment to remember our patriots, who lost their lives on 9/11. Never forget



Gordon “Trey” Bargas was born and raised in Baton Rouge. He has been married to Valerie Bargas, a local attorney, for 16 years. They have three children, and are parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy.
Mr. Bargas started with the BRPD in September of 1997. Mr. Bargas retired from the department in April 2018. Mr. Bargas was first assigned to uniform patrol. Mr. Bargas spent more than 10 years in the traffic division, riding solo police motorcycles. Mr. Bargas worked as a Sergeant in uniform patrol during the flood of 2016; Mayor security under Kip Holden during Katrina; and as supervisor of criminal and traffic records. Mr. Bargas concluded his career with the BRPD, as supervisor of professional standards and extra duty.
Mr. Bargas supports law enforcement and police reform. Mr. Bargas supports the rule of law. Mr. Bargas does not support bad cops.
Mr. Bargas completed over 20 years of clean service as a policeman. Mr. Bargas dealt with people from all walks of life, and has a proven track record of helping others.
Mr. Bargas and his family have been involved in the management of commercial real estate for over 30 years. Mr. Bargas obtained his current real estate license in 2015.
Mr. Bargas has extensive ties to the Baton Rouge community, and looks forward to helping everyone in the parish move forward as the District 11 Council Person.



July 28th, 2020

I had a great time with Brian Haldane and Charles Pierce. I want to thank them for the opportunity to be on the show.




I, Republican Gordon Trey Bargas, will have 2 opponents for the Metro Council District 11 seat, on November 3rd 2020. I will run a professional campaign, just like my bid for constable. Early voting will be October 20th through October 27th.

I completed over 20 years of service with the Baton Rouge Police department. I support law enforcement. I want to FUND police. I want to attract and retain the best law enforcement for our community. I do not support bad cops. I support police reform. I denounce crime. I do not support DEFUNDING police. I denounce defunding police.

My platforms include (not in order of priority) and are not limited to:

2) I denounce crime, and criminals
3) Drainage
5) Get rid of bad police.
6) Blight
7) Improved governance and or government efficiency
8) Business growth and tax reform
9) Tax Exemption plans to entice business like Amazon, Buc-ee's, and Exxon
10) Crime Reduction
11) Trash Pick up
12) Sewer, Medians, Road Repair
13) Mosquito abatement
14) Traffic Enforcement
15) Attract and bring more public events
16) Promote stability
17) City beautification
18) Encourage growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
19) Remove unneeded regulations and barriers for startup businesses.
20) Transportation, and finding the revenues necessary for investing in our infrastructure. Getting to and from events etc.
21) Workforce Development to match the skills of our residents to the jobs that are needed.
22) Prepare our children for the jobs that are available today, and will be available in the coming years to attract growth.
23) Provide and properly maintain community amenities that make Baton Rouge a great place to live and play. Baton Rouge Lakes, bike paths, entertainment districts.

I am willing to work with everyone. Even those outside of my district.

Thank you for your support.



1. Drainage
2. Crime Reduction
3. Workforce Education
4. Economic Growth
5. Government Efficiency
6. City Beautification
7. Garbage Pick Up
8. Transportation



Drainage is a major problem right now. One hour of rain should not cause major street flooding. Drainage needs to have higher priority.



8 more years of losing the interest of Amazon, Buc-ee's and Exxon?

Do you think that is good for home values?

Get out and vote. In December 2018, in a run off election, Bodi White only lost by 4,300 votes in a parish of 445,000.

We need to support law enforcement and denounce crime. People are dying to live here and dying to be police officers.



I want to thank all who supported my campaign for Baton Rouge Constable.…/article_a2dfc598-db95-11e8-ba…

It was a tough loss, but in a city with only a 36% republican population, I am proud of what was accomplished.…/16000US2205000-baton-rouge-la/

I got 23,000 votes out of a city with a population of 225,000. In November of 2018, I finished with a 35% margin of victory, (note the 36% population number above, coincidence?) which was more than the other candidates. See victim of back rent below.…/2018-11-06/resultsRace/17

But in December, I only got 14,000 votes and lost 5,000 short of my opponent who had 19,000.…/2018-12-08/resultsRace/17

As you can see, I only needed 20,000 votes to win, but voters were not steadfast, and got complacent. The CHS, Zachary, and U-High football championship games were held that same weekend in New Orleans. To name a few distractions. Some thought I actually won in November so they stayed home, for the run off. Some still congratulate me, to this day. Ha Ha…/sportsline-throwback-memories-super…/

In 2016, Bodi White only lost by 4300 votes in a Parish of 445,000. This means people can be out voted, if the voters do not lose sight of that 4300 vote down fall. Exxon employees might be able to make that up after the ITEP fiasco. I only lost by 5,000 votes. EBR can not allow a "let them have it" attitude. A win for me can be reality, with your help.

East Baton Rouge Parish is approximately 47% republican, out of 445,000 people. The city is approximately 36% republican, out of 225,000 people. The city of Baton Rouge's population was 220,000 in 1980. There has been no significant growth in the City of Baton Rouge in 40 years.

The parish was at 366,000 in 1980, and is now around 445,000. However, the attached link below shows a decline in East Baton Rouge parish of 0.20% from 2010 to 2020. This is not the right direction for our parish. This is bad for home values, based on supply and demand. Home builders be advised.…/2016-12-10/resultsRace/17…/eastbatonrougeparishlouisiana

It is once again campaign season. Let's flatten the curve. This November several will be running for Mayor President of East Baton Rouge Parish. Matt Watson will therefore not be running for his council seat in District 11. Do not get distracted by any other argument. Fixing roads prior to an election is old news. Old Baton Rouge money will still run Baton Rouge. It did before this administration, and will do so after. With that, let's do better in the middle.…/2019…/resultsRace/Statewide

Baton Rouge will lose more than good college graduates, and businesses like Amazon and Buc-ee's, if we fail to vote.

Exxon should never be slapped in the face. They are a hand that feeds.…/mayor-broome-shows-support-during-e…/

We have to stop the segregation (separation) of Baton Rouge.  A large separation between those who rely on government, and those who rely on business is upon us. The city population of Baton Rouge has not increased, to my knowledge, so the supply of housing is outweighing the demand. This is bad for home values. Occupancy rates are not good. Baton Rouge is approximately 50% rental properties.

The loss of Redemptorist and St. Louis King of France are also disappointments.…/article_1c620456-9fcb-11e7-80…

The new police chief wants to delete 2 captain spots to allow another deputy chief spot. This segregates even the police department. This creates larger gaps or separations between high and low ranks. Fewer promotions to captain also because of this. This means more than 16-18 years to make sergeant. If you get picked by the chief to do so, with the all new promotion process. I heard this was moved from the agenda. It still sounds like an agenda to me. It probably just couldn't be slid in under the recent restrictive council meetings.…/ViewFile/Agenda/_04082020-764

20-00385 Authorizing the Mayor-President, on behalf of the Baton Rouge Police Department, to remove two Captains positions from the 20 allotted captain’s positions on the police department and add one Deputy Chief Position to the allotment. This will be an increase from three Deputy Chief’s to four Deputy Chief’s Positions per recommendation from Management Partners Efficiency Study. By Police Chief.

I was unable to get the number of unsolved cold case homicides for the city of Baton Rouge. Prayers for the woman shot and killed in the 12000 Block of Brookshire in the Sherwood Goodwood area. Prayers that they find a person of interest. Let me know if there is an update to this.…/article_8cfbe9c2-1935-11e9-a6…

I denounce crime. I think going through unlocked cars, and stealing lawnmowers under a carport is a crime. Check out the police chief and mayor's message to criminals after the most recent in the line of duty death in Baton Rouge.

I know the criminals got real scared after this press release. I could not find any video with a message from the mayor.…/baton-rouge-police-press-co…/5427275/

Newly annexed areas deserve more police boots on the ground. Police deserve a contract, and a salary that doesn't allow EVERY OTHER surrounding agency to get the pick of the litter. You are losing city dollars to train officers to leave. Bad business move. Ask any police administrator who is WINNING.

I am now running for the EBR Metro Council District 11 seat.

It is very tough for me to ask everyone again for support, but in a 73.46% republican district, I hope racial and party lines do not hurt me so much this time, as they did in my run for constable. No local black political leadership endorsed me during that run. I am not mad, I'm just saying. Hurt people do hurtful things. When they say voting down racial and party lines. That is serious talk.

Prayers to Sadie Roberts-Joseph killed for $1200 in back rent. Risks taken by being a land lord in Baton Rouge. I did want to advance the constable's office, and the eviction process, but that was not allowed by the voter's. The lack of "outrage" must be a sign of satisfaction.…/sadie-roberts-joseph-activ…/index.html

The first thing I need right now is sign locations.

The second thing I need is word of mouth support.

Finally, I do have to ask for donations. The donations will go to pay for costs associated with running a decent campaign.

I know this is not a good time with the BR food bank, and other Covid 19, or Corona, priorities.

The website for my new campaign is

If you would like to make a donation, no amount is too small.

I want to remind everyone to please spread the word that I am running, and also to go out and vote.

See you soon!

Thanks for your support!

Gordon "Trey" Bargas



The first online announcement concerning my candidacy.





A candidate who is from Baton Rouge and has an extensive law enforcement background. A licensed real estate agent who understands property value. A business owner who understands how important business is to the district.



February 11, 2023

I need your support. This will be a small turn out election and therefore, every single vote counts.



Help to purchase things like signs to spread the word.



Send us an email, if you would like a yard sign, or assist with putting signs in yards.  Also you can contact here, to invite me to attend neighborhood meetings. Thank you for your support!



P.O. Box 80577Baton Rouge La., 70898




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P.O. Box 80577Baton Rouge La., 70898

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